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Glycation… The True Enemy of Your Skin


What is Glycation?


Glycation is a skin condition that is usually seen in mature skins (45 years+).
Fifteen or so years ago most skin care therapists used to diagnose this condition as dehydration because in its first stages it can look like a lot of fine lines similar to dehydrated skin. As it progresses glycation begins to form deeper lines that criss-cross each-other and the space in between puffs out like a little pillow. Without taking action and looking after your glycation your pillows will end up looking like a mattresses, so to speak. It is a condition that one would expect in an elderly skin but more and more is being seen in under 30’s skins, which is unacceptable.

What causes this?
One big contributing factor is SUGAR! and high G.I foods. When you eat too much sugar, over time the sugar attaches to the collagen and elastin in your skin and binds making it brittle and breaks it down as well as destroying proteins in the skin which make it very difficult for the skin to repair itself. When this happens the skin becomes saggy and inflexible accentuating the appearance of ageing. Glycation is also a form of DNA damage. It is responsible for virtually every sign of ageing and really needs a holistic approach when treating it.






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