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6 Powerful Tips for Beautiful Healthy Skin

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The Dark Side Of Laser!

Do you have capillary exposure, red, reactive sensitive skin, Rosacea?

If so you must read this article if you are considering Laser IPL or Fraxel treatment for your skin.


Firstly a bit about sensitive skin and rosacea?

Rosacea refers to a range of symptoms that generally begin with some blushing on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.  If the condition progresses, the symptoms typically worsen to include persistent redness on the nose and cheeks.  Small blood vessels begin to grow (Telangiectasia) particularly on the nose and become increasingly visible.  Diffused redness (sensitive / reactive  skin) may become permanent often worsening after exercise, consumption of coffee and or alcohol and other stimulating factors.

Redness is also an indicator of collagen loss, which leads to thin skin density and weakened support of the capillary network. Any deterioration of the strength of the surrounding and supporting areolar connective tissue (collagen and elastin fibres), will make vascular conditions worse .  Continue reading “The Dark Side Of Laser!”

Don’t Be Tough On Your Skin!

The Acid Mantle.

Could your skin be suffering from an elevated PH level? Skincare from GERNETIC can help bring it back in line.

Are you familiar with the terms “acid mantle” and “healthy pH levels”? why are they so important to the skin’s vitality, defence and radiance?

If you love regular fruit peels, micrdermabrasions and other forms of desquamations, then you’re probably suffering from some form of dryness, dehydration, roughness and irritation. These are alarming signs that your acid mantle is in danger because of continuous stripping, is unable to protect your skin.

Continue reading “Don’t Be Tough On Your Skin!”