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6 Powerful Tips for Beautiful Healthy Skin

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GERnétic Skin Care

At Human Nurture we use and recommend GERnétic Skin Care products.

GERnétic is a revolutionary alternative skin care brand suitable for all ages and all skin types.

The Gernetic range of highly concentrated and specific formulations provide outstanding treatment for a range of skin conditions such as:

  • • Sensitive and reactive skin
  • • Loss of elasticity
  • • Oily and congested skin
  • • Aged and sun damaged complexions
  • • Pigmentation problems and dull complexions
  • • Red and vascular problem skins
  • • As well as maintaining a youthful, healthy skin with the optimum nutrition it delivers

Its simple philosophy is based on advanced cellular biology and biotechnology. GERnétic skin care products are delivered deep into living cells, allowing the skin to repair and renew itself from within, inducing and stimulating the anti ageing process.

GERnétic offers an extensive range of skin care, anti wrinkle creams, stretch mark prevention and body treatments, designed for superior results.

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Gernetic Price list 2020

GERnétic can also treat delicate areas like the eye area. The eye area is one of the most fragile areas of the face and the skin around the eyes is 4 times thinner than elsewhere on the face. It also lacks sebaceous glands which can leave it susceptible to dehydration which means it readily show the signs of aging. Gernetic Eye Treatments and products help to support collagen and elastin production, which improves elasticity and micro- circulation of this fragile area.

GERnétic Eye Treatments

An Intensive treatment to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and loss of elasticity using 2 specialised intensive eye masks.
45 mins $85 (a course of 6 treatments is recommended for optimal results)

“I had perfect skin until a couple of years ago when I started to get really bad acne. I had tried a range of products that would either make no difference or irritate my already aggravated skin. I was so pleased to find Naomi and the team from Human Nurture who were extremely knowledgeable and empathetic to my situation. From the first night of using GERnétic I saw a difference in my skin.
Within months I saw a change in the amount of pimples and inflammation. It has now been over 18 months and I have never felt more confident with the way my skin looks and feels. I would highly recommend Human Nurture and the GERnétic products.” Lauren. Vaucluse

Discover GERnétic’s extraordinary results for yourself, and learn how GERnétic can help your skin and body to restore its beauty and vitality from within.

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