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6 Powerful Tips for Beautiful Healthy Skin

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Wellness Products

At Human Nurture we offer a range of products to rejuvenate your being at every level.

The Human Nurture approach is drawn from many cultures from around the world. We specialise in offering high potency natural products and techniques to bring out your natural beauty and wellbeing.

Our wellness products are based on the highest ethical values. Products such as GERnétic skin care, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup (make up that is good for your skin), Chinamed Chinese herbal combinations and Metagenics vitamin and mineral supplements.

Our key professional beauty range, GERnétic, is a nutritive, herbal medicine for your skin. Each treatment of GERnétic is uniquely prescribed for your skin and your lifestyle. 

Heard about all the Great Benefits of Meditation? But don’t know how or find it too difficult?

Meditation is easy with Yoga Nidra!

This CD contains 2 guided Yoga Nidra meditations that are easy and pleasurable to do so you can gain some of the wonderful and well documented benefits of meditation such as developing a greater sense of inner peace and calm, being less affected by daily stress, anxiety, and the feelings of being overwhelmed as well as an overall improvement in your sense of wellbeing.

Just lie down in a quiet comfortable space and mentally follow the gentle and soothing directions of Naomi Nahoum, gifted Yoga Teacher and Therapist. You will be gently guided and transported into a place of deep inner calm in your being. This restful state really allows the body and mind to rejuvenate and melt away the ravages of stress leaving you feeling refreshed yet relaxed.  To find out more about Yoga Nidra visit Naomi’s Yoga Nidra Website.

A simple and enjoyable practice that has so many benefits.

“Naomi’s Yoga Nidra CD helped me a great deal during a time when I was experiencing a difficult pregnancy. It taught me how to relax, refresh and recuperate – helping me survive the exhaustion of my days. I would even say that it has been life changing. Being a busy mother of two, an author and restaurateur, the immediate healing qualities of this form of meditation has become an important and necessary part of my life.”

Pauline Nguyen
General Manager red lantern

You too can experience the benefits of Yoga Nidra with “The Calm and Contented Mind” CD and it’s only $25 with FREE POSTAGE! within Austraia. Call Us on 02 9337 4533  to order your copy today!

Naomi- thank you so much for your beautiful CD – I listen to it almost every day! It helps so much with the sleep deprivation – baby listens to it too!- Alex Bowen, Queens Park
(mother of two boys under age 2!)

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