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Whole Body Treatments

At Human Nurture we use GERnétic Body Care products because of their quality and effectiveness.

GERnétic Body Care products are highly concentrated plant extracts that will rejuvenate the skin on your body, treat trouble spots and even help reduce cellulite and excess weight. Non-toxic and highly effective, GERnétic can make a real, long and lasting difference.

We recommend at least six sessions in order to produce tangible and long-lasting improvements, plus we offer a discount for packages of six sessions and more.

Some of the body treatments we offer at Human Nurture are:

Marine Essence Treatment
Applied locally for slimming, draining toxins and improving micro-circulation. $130

Cellulite Treatment
Decongest & smooth out cellulite on the legs & buttocks $144

Firming Treatment
General firming of tissue $120

Circulation Treatment
To relieve, decongest tired legs & apparent veins $140

Slimming Treatment
General areas of concern $120-$170

Stretch Mark Treatment
To restore distended tissue $125-$160

Self Heating Algae Treatment
To ease tense aching muscles and improve circulation $70

Bust Treatments
Harmonising Treatment to enhance, harmonise and firm the bust. Promotes cellular exchanges by activating collagen and fibro-connective synthesis. A nutritive mineralising treatment. Suitable for small busts or distended bust tissue. $145

Large Bust Treatment $150

Body Bliss Treatment Packages

BODY GLOW:  90 mins $165
Guaranteed to make you glow, this is an amazing must have treatment. It incorporates a full body salt scrub, a back massage and a revitalising body mineral mask. The treatment also includes head, neck and shoulder massage and concludes with some yummy creams and serums being massaged into the body.

BACK THERAPY: 45 mins $130
This often neglected area requires some extra attention. This therapeutic treatment will deeply cleanse, exfoliate and purify the skin with the customised mask and exfoliants used. It will also soothe sore muscles. This is a great treatment on its own or can be combined with a facial treatment.

Why not take a… HOLIDAY AT HUMAN NURTURE: $250

If you need a break, and let’s face it, who doesn’t… then this one’s for you. This will leave you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud…

Regain harmony as you relax, escape and unwind with our ultimate therapeutic nurturing experience. It begins with an aromatic foot soak to start slowing down and unwinding the process as well as preparing you for your journey ahead. You then move on to your 1hr Shiatsu treatment. This will release tension in your body from head to toe. This is then followed by a personalised holistic GERnétic skin rejuvenation treatment. It’s a total mind/body experience, rebalancing and rejuvenating for your complexion and soothing for your soul. Your face, scalp, arms and hands are massaged with a personalised aromatic oil blend, and concludes with a unique pulsing foot massage leaving you with a blissful sense of balance and inner calm.

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