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Massage & Ayurveda Spa


Massage not only makes you feel good, it is actually good for you!

The ancient art of massage clears the body of illness and ensures on-going health. It is also one of the most wonderful ways to relax your body and mind.

At Human Nurture Vaucluse we have a variety of therapeutic massages drawn from India, Japan and beyond.

This is our signature luxury treatment that uses a blend of essential oils, healing intention and ayurvedic relaxing techniques. This massage is designed to give complete mind, body & emotional rejuvenation. You will be treated with a personalised aromatherapy blend to give you just the care you need.

60mins $140


Shiatsu (shee-at-soo) is a holistic therapy where pressure is applied to specific areas of the body to bring fresh energy to muscles, joints and internal organs, it also includes stretching and mobilisation of parts of the body. During a Shiatsu massage the body is covered with natural cotton garments and linen. Oils and balms may be used on occasion. Generally the treatment is carried out on a futon on the floor.

30mins $70 45mins $90 60mins $110


“I have shiatsu every week, cannot go without it. John* is consistently fantastic”
David Smith Ryland