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6 Powerful Tips for Beautiful Healthy Skin
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Skin Diagnosis

At Human Nurture, we believe that you need an accurate diagnosis of your skin before a suitable treatment can be recommended. In our skin consultation session, we are able to gather information regarding your skin which will become the starting point of a great treatment.

It also forms the basis of your program and makes it possible to follow the progress of your treatments. We strongly recommend new clients allow time for a thorough consultation before any facial treatment.

We provide the option of ‘Beau Visage’ dermal imaging with skin consultations.

This rare camera takes images 2mm deep into the skin, helping you see problems before they surface. This is a powerful antidote to help you slow down the aging process and stop skin problems in their tracks. It is also guaranteed to show you the most effective course to take with existing skin problems, even stubborn ones.

A Beau Visage consultation also allows you to compare and monitor the progress of your treatments and products over time so you can see how your skin’s health is improving.

The Bea Visage Consultation includes a special take home report of findings that contains:

  • •     High Resolution colour images of your face
  • •     Blood and melenin chromophore maps
  • •     Sun damage image
  • •     Skin age score
  • •     Specific treatment plan
  • •     Home care regime
  • •     Samples of treatment products

The initial consultation fee of the Bea Visage Consultation is $220.

Pastiche Skin Analysis.

This consultation is all encompassing and gets to the bottom of all skin concerns providing a truly accurate representation of your skin.  It is essential in constructing an effective skin care regime.

“Pastiche’’ skin diagnosis (an Internationally recognised system).  Pastiche was created by Florence Bernard Hill, it links skin structure and function to skin condition and identifies basic skin types and how they should be treated to bring the skin back to optimum health.

The assessment takes 1 hour ($120), and entails:

  • Gathering all data pertaining to your work/play/lifestyle, nutritional, medical and cosmetic history, especially the past 5 years.
  • Establishing the probable cause of your skin concern.
  • Relating the cause to the cells and systems that have been affected.
  • Establishing your basic majority skin type and the home care protocols necessary to maintain it.
  • Establishing the Fitzpatrick skin tone of your skin which enables an understanding of your skins’ susceptibility to pigmentation and trauma, as well as establish its burn time.
  • Establishing the first priority skin condition and preparing a 6-week treatment program to improve it.

You will need to bring

  • All skin care products to be pH tested.
  • Arrive with minimal makeup on your face.

know exactly

  • All make-up you use.
  • All medication you take.
  • All vitamins and supplements you take.

 General Skin Consultation: ($55 – 30 mins)


  • Skin analysis under magnification
  • Determination of your correct skin type
  • Product assessment
  • Do’s and don’ts of home care
  • Health and lifestyle advice
  • Written protocol
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